History of Padel

Did you know that Padel goes back to 1890? 👴

Story behind this disruptive sport states that passengers of British ships tried to adapt tennis to the limited space they had on board. This “offshore tennis”, as it was known in those days, was practiced in a court of smaller dimensions and protected by screens all around.

📌Only in 1924 did Padel find its way into safer grounds, when American Frank Beal improvised a few courts in New York's municipal parks. At that time, the sport came to be called padel-tennis. Later on, in 1969, Enrique Corcuera built the first padel court in a hotel in Acapulco, Mexico. It was Corcuera who defined the dimensions of the court and the rules that exist today. To help spread the sport worlwide, enthusiastic Prince Afonso de Hohenlohen from Spain took Padel to a different dimension, supporting its expansion into several European countries.

Currently, Padel is organized and regulated worldwide by FIP (International Padel Federation), an entity that holds 15 members, and where Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Spain stand out due to the number of existing players in these countries.

Who would suspect that with all this history, the 21st century would see Padel being played in designer settings such as the ones of picture?