We were born in 1998 as a result of the union of one will and five different family abilities. 20 Years of ideas, wishes and dreams shared with all our customers and partners. These dreams allow us today to be the largest Portuguese company in the sector, and one of the most relevant in the international markets.

The recognition of our products and services is nowadays a reality on a global scale. Our wide experience in the design, manufacture and deliver of temporary structures such as tents, floors, stages, as well as the design of tailored solutions responding directly to the customer needs, place us as one of the largest and finest suppliers in the sector.

We are a strong technological component company which, through a relevant focus on our R & D Centre, allows us to continuously introduce unique and innovative  structures and technical solutions to the market, with our own patents.

​The commitment to Quality is our greatest aim, being the globality of our products as well as all the developed activity certified and recognized by a set of accreditations, which place us as a role model of sustainable practices in product domains, human resources,
as well as at the environmental level.
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