Padel - Booming in Portugal

🏸 If you’re older than 5 and younger than 80, this one is for you! Padel is the emerging sport in a lot of countries. Booming in Portugal, with 100,000 players and 80% growth last year, this sport is hugely famous in Spain, with almost 5 million players. And it is starting to explode all over the world… Last thing we heard, football superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic, already owned 5 huge padel centres in Sweden ❄

But to get this number growing everywhere, we need to get more clubs opening and new courts up and running! That has been our mission during the last couple of years. With over one hundred projects conceived for European customers, our track-record has allowed us to master this sport!

This has only been possible due to our R&D team, who has played a huge role in this new development, having innovated and designed innumerous padel structures that stand-out due to their customized design, format and framework!
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